Are you good enough for Dragon Pet?

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Hello! This is Makili Pietru and this is my 4th quiz(If you add in the da mal pie one)! Dragon Pet is a game made by A and A games. You take care of a pet Dragon.

The Dragon can run away or even die if you abuse him or do not take care of him. This test will see if you are ready to have A Dragon.WARNING: IF YOU ARE DRAGONFURY FROM DRAGON MAINIA LEGENDS YOU WILL SEE A REPEATED JOKE IN THERE. YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS.

Created by: Makili Pietru

  1. Do you like Dragons?
  2. Are you commited to caring for a baby dragon?
  3. Will you check regularly?
  4. Now serious stuff. If he (or she) gets ill will you help or leave it to pass?
  5. Will you make your dragon fight in the arena
  6. Will you go on observer mode?
  7. Are you a mini game lover?
  8. When will night time fall in the game?
  9. Ok....have you ever played Own Pet Dragon(completely different game)?
  10. Will you feed your dragon a balanced meal?
  11. Do you want your result?
  12. One more thing..DRAGOOON NAME!

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Quiz topic: Am I good enough for Dragon Pet?