Are you good at games

it is about how good are you and what have you beaten if you don't play games than get out of here are you ready ok good luck and focus in school ok :)

Are you up to see how good u are at games if you have beaten tons of games than lets see who is the real gamer than so come right uo to the quiz of how good you are ate game request your friends also

Created by: Jonathan of rythfurjdkfjtgjfrigturi
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you think your good at games
  2. How many games have you beaten
  3. Have you beaten the Worlds Hardest Game
  4. how good are you at shooting games
  5. How about Racing games
  6. how many duck life have you beaten
  7. How many Call of duties games (total of 14) have you beaten
  8. What weapon do you think is the strongest
  9. Ok now do you think your going to think your good
  10. Last question are you going to rate

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Quiz topic: Am I good at games