How big 1D fan/ The Hunger Games fan are you

Take this quiz that is a mix between the huger games and one direction! You will have a blast! I jus hope you enjoy it! I best quiz yet! Have fun. And good luck

So are you ready to take this amezing one diction and with a bit of the huger games!? You sure ok then that is that let's get this great quiz started.

Created by: Rayann Wilkins
  1. Who is your favorite 1D member
  2. Who killed Rue in The Games
  3. Who are Katniss's allies in Catching Fire
  4. What is your favorite 1D song
  5. What do Katniss and Peeta wear to the opening cerimonies in the 74th hunger games
  6. What does Effie Trinket say in the hunger games
  7. What 1d member has tattoos
  8. What is your favorite color
  9. Did you like taking the test
  10. What is your favorite hunger game book

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Quiz topic: How big 1D fan/ The Hunger Games fan am I