Are You Gonna Be Rich?

There are soo many pepole telling they are rich and they are gonna be. But ussaly, moust of them are not that rich! Well are you rich? Take this test to know!

By the way, this is my 2nd quiz and i suggest checking out my last quiz how well do you know pac-man type it in google and it should go up or something.

Created by: PeanutButterJellyTime!
  1. Have you ever buyed something big for yourself? Example: IPhone, Hoverboard Computer, Comfy Chair etc.
  2. When You'd Be Rich What's The First Thing You Would Do?
  3. Wait lemme get my chips pack.
  4. So, *eating* how much dollars do you have now?
  5. What Pet Do You Have?
  6. What Is Your Favorite Colour?
  7. Okay so, this is the Choosing Riches. It's a little thing what i got from "someone"... One of these is the right one.
  8. Do You Like Hamsters?
  9. I gtg brush my teeth BRB!
  10. Should I Make More?

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Quiz topic: Am I Gonna Be Rich?