Are you going to be a Millionaire

Many people out there are dying to win a large amount of cash do you think you got what it takes to become a future millionaire. Then this quiz is certainly for you.

Good job is the thought you will get when you take this quiz and see the word millionaire under your title you will fill the empty void of being Middle class and join the elite

Created by: YoYo71699
  1. Are you related to Bill Gates?
  2. Did you lie on question one ?
  3. Do you like game shows?
  4. Did you event the Television?
  5. Do you crave money and fame or are you modest about what you want ?
  6. ...... Are you already half way there ?
  7. Have you set goals or do you have a well paying job ?
  8. Do you find Washington DC to be way too rich ?
  9. Are you a Video gamer junky ?
  10. 1 to 6 did you like this quiz ?

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Quiz topic: Am I going to be a Millionaire