Are you going insane?

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who knows maybe you are insane and you don't know it. I hope this somewhat relatable and amusing test helps you with finding your answers. If you give up half way through then you're a normal person!

This is a mildly lighthearted quiz only 20 Q's. Some stuff will make you say "what the shucks" while other may make you say "I do that..." in any-case I you like it.

Created by: Jolene
  1. Do you feel like things get extremely or mildly chaotic and then subtly return to 'normal'?
  2. Do you feel misunderstood, or do you think people believe you're strange or weird?
  3. Do you causally and often talk to your self? (sometimes with different accents like maybe British, Russian, southern or other)
  4. Do you laugh randomly even though there's nothing funny? Do you sometimes laugh when you're crying or when something not good happened?
  5. Do you zone out often?
  6. Can you be very generally quiet or calm and then become very, very angry by certain things that particular only to you and happen to be small things
  7. Do you small random bouts of sadness/Energy? Certain things make indescribably/strangely sad or disappointed?
  8. Are you tired of peoples poop?
  9. Why is everyone so weird? Why can't people just be normal? Why does everyone act the way they do? Why can't I be normal? How come I always get the bad end of the stick? Why does life suck? What am I gonna do? Whats my plan? Do I even have plan? Oh, I'm so so tired. This is stressful. They're so cringe. Why does everything have to be weird and cringey? Thats enough todaying for today, I'm done. (Do you relate to any of this and had rushing thoughts of stuff like this?)
  10. Do you just get frequent random thoughts about everything, that just happen to rush by?
  11. Have you ever bitten your self that maybe left bleeding or left a cut, out of whatever emotion you have and the pain didn't really hurt?
  12. Does in general work, school, family or friends get hard to keep up with? Do you feel stressed/tiring trying to fit in with all of that sometimes?
  13. Do you often wonder the meaning of life?
  14. Let's say a person steals a loaf of bread from the store for the daring thrill of it all. Now, lets say that a homeless person steals a loaf of bread because they're hungry with very, very little. Do you think both should go to jail and punished harshly the same?
  15. Pick what is true of whats listed below:
  16. You like to listen to different emo music and solo piano music.
  17. You've watched these shows/movies; 50 shades of grey, Sons of anarchy, criminal minds, Hills have eyes series, Grey's anatomy, This is us, The handmaids tale, Queens Gambit, Bojack horsemen, 13 reasons why. (irrelevant: haha, I always say bojack hor-semen, the quiet kids tale and 50 types of emo's)
  18. You've watched these anime; Banana fish (heheh, im even more cringey irl), you're lie in april, assassination classroom, school of the deaf (oop, I meant silent voice), perfect blue, promised neverland and Tokyo ghoul. (Extra: those old OVA's bl's and sad city pop life ones, they're pretty sad)
  19. You cry for no reason
  20. You;re stressed, tired... hysterical from life situations so far. School sucks and you hate where you live and where you go to school.
  21. Wow, this quiz was:
  22. You shaved your head completely, likes playing with knives, is interested in morbid things.

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Quiz topic: Am I going insane?