Are you funny quiz

Do you wonder if you are really funny and your family and friends tell you you are but you think their telling you this to make you happy well this is the quiz for you.

If you take this quiz you will stop wondering if people think that you are funny or hystarical you will, know in about a few minutes what people think of you.

Created by: Shahad6
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  1. Do people feel happy when your Around
  2. Do people look at you in a mean way
  3. Can you make people who hate you laugh
  4. Do you have any chance of being a great comedian
  5. Do you thing you could win American idols with your comedy
  6. Can people make you laugh but you cant
  7. Can you have your own comedy TV show
  8. Do you think of yourself as funny
  9. Have people told you that your funny
  10. Did you enjoy this quiz

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