are you funny ???

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lots of people in movies are comedies are super funny for example in living Color are neighbors are 21 jump street or ya i ran out of movie titles ok so bye

are you really funny are you boring i mean like super boring but this quiz will tell if your super funny are super boring so i alway thought i was funny but sometimes i was boring so no mater what sometimes you can be cold but I've seen people always funny so are you always funny

Created by: Grace Ledwell
  1. do you like to smile or laugh ???
  2. are you really silly when you're around Friends and family
  3. what is your every day mood !!!
  4. do you ever go on FUN vacations ???
  5. do you have a boyfriend or a really close friend
  6. whats your favorite Color
  7. whats your favorite food
  8. if your friend gave you 5sos tickets would you go
  9. whats you're favorite movie
  10. do you like to twerk are dance ???

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Quiz topic: Am I funny ???