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Hello and welcome! Now before you get into this remember, these results are going to be quirks not used in the series so don't get annoyed if you didn't get one you wanted like explosion or half hot half cold, that's just boring! Now let's get into it!

So I can't publish without having this 150 characters long so Ima say a few things, Hi my name is Embers, my quirk is Flame Construction! An extremely rare quirk that can control, summon and make life forms all from a fire! My flames are purple also and I go to U.A High with my best friend Todoroki! And Deku also my other two friends are Shinsou and Monoma! My Boyfriend is Amajiki from the big three and I wish to be an amazing hero! Even if my backstory is dark!

Created by: _MyHeroAcademia_
  1. What would you use your quirk for?
  2. You see a building on fire, people are inside and no heros are around! What do u do?
  3. A famous villain has attacked a family member of yours! They are barely alive, what do you do?
  4. Whos your Favorite Villain?
  5. What is a quirk to you?
  6. Whos your favorite Pro Hero
  7. Do you agree with Stains ideology?
  8. A civilian is wielding a knife. How do you disarm him?
  9. A good amount of quirks have backlashes and disadvantages. What would yours be?
  10. What type of quirk do you have?
  11. What do you value most?
  12. What would your hero (or villain) costume look like?
  13. Who is your favorite U.A Group?
  14. Final Question, who is best boy? (I did all my husbands for this)
  15. Thanks for taking this quiz! Just a quick reminder, the results are gonna try to be quirks you haven't seen yet so yah anyways here we go!

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