Are you from Quincy, MA?

This is a quiz I did about Quincy when I was bored at work. I didnt put much effort towards it but good luck. Most of the references are from North Quincy landmarks, hopefully I will update it sooon.

You think your Quincy? Try this quiz, although it may only prove to be true of 18-30 year old males from the northern quincy... good luck. I know I missed some stuff too but oh well its just a quiz

Created by: Patrick

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How is Quincy pronounced?
  2. Who wrote about the pronounciation of Quincy
  3. Where do you get your morning coffee?
  4. Have you ever known anyone to be on local access television.
  5. What does the phrase "im going up the downs" mean
  6. What are the following: The Mount, The Rock, The Brook, Forbes Hill
  7. What are the following: Parker, Fenno, Orourke, Massy
  8. Who is Goody?
  9. Are you part Asian?
  10. Are you Irish?
  11. Which of the following do you least like?
  12. Which is not a popular slang term for an area of Quincy?
  13. Have you ever had your dyno or Gt stolen?
  14. What is Malachy's?

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Quiz topic: Am I from Quincy, MA?