Are You Mexican?

Hello and thank you for taking this quiz. This is a fun quiz to test if you are really Mexican. So, are you? Let's find out.

Anyway I hope you enjoy my quiz and get an accurate result. Thank you!

Created by: Username537
  1. Do you know who is Chespirito?
  2. Which of these are places are not from Mexico?
  3. Which one is is not a real taco?
  4. Now for some español (Spanish) What does me encantaron los tamales, mean?
  5. What does this mean..."algo"?
  6. What does "Me gusta el dia de los muertos!"mean?
  7. What does Niños mean?
  8. Alright champ here is a tuff one, then we will go back to other Qs. What does, "frijoles frijoles, me encantan los frijoles", mean.
  9. The following questions have no effect. It's just for fun. What is your favorite food?
  10. Again no effect. Favorite drink?

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Quiz topic: Am I Mexican?