Are you fluffy?

Do you love randomness? Well if so here is a completely random quiz. It is not creepy or scary this quiz its just completely random. Just guess the answers and who knows how fluffy you really are?

You heard me come on we all need a bit of randomness so come on worth see the results just for a little fun. Please rate the quiz if you liked it and comment on what quiz I should do next.

Created by: Bella10
  1. What is your power level?
  2. If you don't have fluffy you are a...
  3. What is the traditional fluffy name?
  4. What is the traditional song 1?
  5. What is the traditional song 2?
  6. What animal is Honey?
  7. Which is it? honey/Honey
  8. What is Honeys fur colour?
  9. What colour is her eyes?
  10. What colour can she not see

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Quiz topic: Am I fluffy?