How well do you know dogs

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Dogs are super and if you want to test your knowledge on them take this quiz and trust me I am a dog whisperer I know everything you need to know about dogs

Every answer and question on this quiz is completely true I would never lie about my favourite fluffy friends I hope you enjoy this quiz because I enjoyed making it

Created by: Mira

  1. What kind of dog is big poofy and has lots of shaggy fur
  2. What is the smallest dog out of these breeds
  3. What dog is the biggest out of these breeds
  4. What is the smartest dog out of these breeds
  5. What dog has spots
  6. What dog has the nickname teachers pet
  7. What dog hunts
  8. Which dog isnt a breed
  9. Which dog isnt really a terrier
  10. Which dog is named after a French word

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Quiz topic: How well do I know dogs