Are You Fit To Be Married?

There are many 'not-ready-to-marry' people out there. And there are some of those 'I'm-ready-to-marry' people. But they aren't actually positive if they're ready.

Ever wonder that? Huh? Lots of guys out there do.But thanks to this great quiz, in a few breath-taking moments: VOILA! You'll find your answer out pronto. I promise....

Created by: **PhantomGirl**

  1. What type of Wedding do you PLAN to have?
  2. Where would you go for your Honeymoon?
  3. What would your engagement ring look like?
  4. (For Girls ONLY!) What would your wedding DRESS look like?
  5. (Boys ONLY!!!) What would your SUIT look like?
  6. Would you wear a corsage and bring one for your bride/husband-to-be?
  7. (Girls ONLY!!!) What color would your flowers be?
  8. (Girls ONLY!!!) What color would your flowers be?
  9. (Boys ONLY!!!) What color would your bow/tie be?
  10. What would the guests eat at the reception?
  11. What theme do you EXPECT your wedding to be?

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Quiz topic: Am I Fit To Be Married?