Everyone want to marry and settle him or herself with a wonderful life. But we forget that marriage is a another name of compromise. Problem starts when we find something beyond our expectation. And we are unable to compromise a little.

Are you happy in your married life? If you not sure or you are sure that you are the happiest man or woman in your married life. Just click few step and check your self..

Created by: Sanjaykprajapati
  1. Was you mentally ready for your marriage?
  2. Today what you see in your partner?
  3. Whether you have enjoyed your early married life?
  4. Whether your marriage life has been changed after the birth of your baby?
  5. Today who are the most important in your life?
  6. What is the priority of your partner in your life among parent, friend,sibling.
  7. Could you live this life without your partner?
  8. How much you trust on your partner.
  9. Are you satisfied in your current married life?
  10. Imagine, at the age of 60s "will you see your partner still romantic."
  11. Whom for you got married?

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