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  • i luv eating junk food but im short and skinny.i stay this way because im energetic nd luv 2 run around nd play with my coons my dogs nd i only have 3 cats but i still play with them.

    im shorter nd skinnyer than the shortest nd skinnyest kid in school.

  • I like chocolate and chips but I am not fat ! I am the smallest and skinniest in my class !

  • You can tell hes from the uk because we measure in stones btw i think a stone is 12 pounds

  • I like chocolate. ALOT. But I am in 5th grade, weigh 67 lbs. And am 5 feet tall :ap

    Beatle Obsessed
  • *had to google what weight in stone was*
    I got too fit. xD

    Sollux Captor

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