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There are many fat people in the world. Sometimes it's ok to be fat. There are also skinny people. It's fine to be skinny also!

Are you fat? Find out in this quiz to see if your: Skinny, Average, Chubby, or Obese! Find out today to see which one your are!

Created by: Nathan

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  1. Do you like to eat?
  2. How much fat can you pinch from your stomach when sitting?
  3. Does your stomach go over your pants?
  4. How many fat rolls do you have?
  5. Do you think your fat?
  6. Do you own a computer?
  7. Do people stare at you while your eating?
  8. Do you like McDonald's?
  9. Does your stomach jiggle while you walk?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (Won't count.)
  11. Do you have a double chin?

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