Are you fake or real?

They are lots of people who are fake. fake to you and your friends. they lie and treat other badly. They have no respect for other, they lack friendship and honesty. They are not your friend and have very little friends. They talk about people and start rum- ors. They are mean and selfish.

Are YOU fake? Do you talk behind people back, lie to who you think are your friends? Are you a backstabber and treat your friends bad. Until now your wondering. Thanks to this quiz you will know soon.

Created by: mele2002

  1. How do your treat your friends?
  2. Do you lie to your friends?
  3. Do you talk behind their back?
  4. How do your friends treat you?
  5. Do you think you are a good or bad friend?
  6. Do you like your friends?
  7. Why are you friends with them?
  8. What is your relationship with your friends besides being just friends?
  9. Do you think they are really your friends?
  10. Do you think your fake.

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Quiz topic: Am I fake or real?