Are you evil or Not?

Evil...Being evil is .̷∕̴Ɩωεڪ☺Mε no getting your feelings broken..and heartbreak and nonsense..Being evil is actually quiet good people always have there bad comments for something they don't understand!!!???? Its like my mama always used to say "People are afraid of what they don't understand!"

So are you Evil? Wanna find out? Tried of people putting you into their own categories and soon forgetting which one you belong too? Then take this Researched and planned quiz (No hoax) This is a guaranteed quiz for finding the real you!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Annie666

  1. Choose a Colour!?
  2. What kinda Weather do you like/enjoy?
  3. Pick a emotion!?
  4. A big muscular bully picks a fight with you...what do you do???
  5. Your next door neighbour needs help with her groceries...What do you do????
  6. Pastor/priest comes to your home to pray or your Family takes you to a prayer place and the pastor/priest prays for you what do you do?
  7. Choose a weapon??!
  8. What does you room look like?
  9. Do you like Evil or Evil people?
  10. Did you like this quiz??(Note:No effect!!!)

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Quiz topic: Am I evil or Not?