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  • 81% heres a poem to make u feel like s---

    Tears slowly form, and run down my pain sighted eyes

    Ashamed of what I've become
    Ashamed of my life
    Hurting something terrible
    close to the edge
    my only relief would be if i were dead
    stuck and confused
    not knowing if the things you say are true
    i trusted you with my life
    i trusted you with my heart
    and now you laugh as you slowly rip it apart
    Feeling the rip long after the tear
    i look at my life, and realize it's not fair
    a young black soul
    standing alone
    looking lost
    looking cold
    no arms to keep me warm
    rising up into a quiet storm

  • You are 78 emo53%

    You a goth/emo your in between the two like the white in an oreo cookie and you'll soon find out what side you will be taking my friend...

    Oreo cookies! Now i'm hungry... even though I just ate breakfast. And I am positive that I am not emo OR goth. I don't know why everyone says that.

  • you know emo is only a genre of music...

    Jack Attack 1995

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