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  • "You are 98% desperate for a bathroom.

    Uh-oh! You have the highest score. Which in this case, is not a good thing. I didnt make the test super hard, so if you have this score, run to a bathroom immediately! Dont bother seeing the end paragraph or rating, just GO! Your aching bladder is more important."

    I didn't make it to the bathroom. I was almost there but was just outside the door when my bladder decided for me and just emptied all of its contents onto the floor.

    • l can't reply. I have to go!!

      Ana Cortes
    • My Boyfriend decided to push on my bladder really hard but I was able to hold it so he used two fingers to push on my bladder and I started spurting

  • Well, I need to change all three of my diapers, both pairs of jeans, and 5 towels wasn't enough... All in front of my boyfriend, so embarrassing...

  • My smartass took this quiz just before a vlive which ended with me peeing my pants infront of millions of fans, worst decision ever

  • I did not lie and got the highest score

    Cool personality

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