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  • Ya'll are lying. I am totally not sane.

    math123 Feb 23 '19, 11:34am
  • not a fan of this quiz AT ALL. terrible options. you couldn't select you were arrested once? like it has to be none or more than one? same goes for the other questions. also, there's no way i should have gotten sane...

    subtopewdiepie Feb 8 '19, 12:07am
  • I'm sane

    Artic Wolf Jan 1 '19, 3:40am
  • My results

    You're as sane as they come. you are hard-wired to deal only with reality. you tack ricks, but you always calculate first. you don't gamble because you know the odds are against you.

    DJ Cecilia Dec 24 '18, 4:59am