Are you crazy?!

Heyya!!!this quiz iz 2 see if u r a Co0Co0 head or if ur like a really boring person with NO crazy/coocoo in u well CyA!!!!CRAP have to write oha cookie!!!*enjoying the AWSOME cookie*i have anotha 1 if u want it oh well here u go!!!!xD

Hehehe,im watching family guy:D oh,well i hope that ur a crazay person like mehhh!!!oh well enjoy my quiz and ur answer!!!!i hav a cute dog an i think he a bulldog cuz he has extra skin an wrinkles on em.he has a really cute pouty black lip but BEWARE he bites,alot!!!!:)he`s in timeout rite now[in cage cuz he`s been biten us]AWWWWW HE CRYN!!!!:>

Created by: PuPpYxoxo

  1. Ok,what do u do at school?
  2. Whats ur favorite colour?
  3. Whats ur favorite Tv show?[outa of these]
  4. Food,FAV,pick,NOW!!
  5. Whats ur favorite drink?[outa these]
  6. Will u rate?
  7. Comment?!
  8. bored.
  9. Ok, u luv cupcakes or diamonds?
  10. Well,Cya!!!!!

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Quiz topic: Am I crazy?!