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  • This is a stupid quiz

    Laurenxp Sep 18 '17, 5:04PM
  • Are You Cool???
    Your Result: NERDY! :)

    dude, just ditch the pocket protector and glasses. Try not to think of mega man, and Stop cracking those uncool jokes, Okay? THEY ARE SOOO NERDISH! (but no hard feelings, okay poindexter?)

    83%COOL!! :) :) I CANT DITCH THE GLASSES MY EYES HURT WITHOUT THEM oh right im not wearing them right now but still i need the glasses for school and i am NOT a nerd but im definitely not cool or popular):

    User Nov 13 '14, 2:52PM
  • pouplarity thank u . hugs .

    rave Jul 13 '14, 10:07AM
  • Yeah! I'm cool!

    Ray Gao Jul 11 '12, 6:56PM
  • Ok you listen up! i mite be really smart but newsflash! My friends say that i'm nice,smart,a good friend, and i know i'm awsome!

    athena101 Mar 21 '10, 5:17PM
  • Way to be stereotypical!

    DarkKitty Aug 26 '09, 11:21PM

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