Are you considered attractive(girls)?

This quiz will let you know if you're attractive. Keep in mind I made this for fun, and not to hurt anyone's feeling. Of you are going to be sad or hurt over your results, just don't take it.

If you think you're attractive, take this quiz to find out if you are attractive in society beauty standards. I enjoyed making this, and I hope you enjoy doing this as much as I did making it.

Created by: Angela
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  1. Are your lips full?
  2. Is your forehead high? (In other words,big?)
  3. Do you have a small chin?
  4. Is your nose small?
  5. Do you have a short and narrow jaw?
  6. Do you have high cheekbones?
  7. Is your skin clear and smooth?
  8. Are your eyes wide set?
  9. Do you have a dark,thick limbal ring? (Dark ring around iris)
  10. Do you have big eyes?
  11. Are your teeth small?
  12. Are your breasts large and firm?
  13. Do you have fleshy, round buttocks?
  14. What's your BMI?
  15. Is your waist small?
  16. Do you have wide hips?
  17. Do you have long legs?
  18. Is your hair long?
  19. Is your hair healthy,clean and shiny?
  20. Is your hair thick?
  21. What color are your eyes?
  22. Are your eyelashes long, thick and dark?

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Quiz topic: Am I considered attractive(girls)?