How attractive are you? (girls)

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This quiz is for girls, don't take it if you are a guy because the result will be inaccurate. After many research on the internet, I found out what most man think as attractive in a girl. This quiz was made accordingly with what guys generally prefer.

However, looks aren't everything. Don't feel disappointed if you get a bad result. There are guys who care more about personality than looks. Therefore, having a great personality is as important as looks.

Created by: someone
  1. what's your hair color?
  2. what's your eye shape?
  3. what's your nose shape?
  4. Your lips are...
  5. what's your face shape?
  6. your skin is...
  7. your cheekbones are...
  8. what's your height?
  9. what's your body shape?
  10. your waist measurement is...
  11. Proportionately to your height, your legs are...
  12. what's your eye color?
  13. Do you have an even and smooth skin?
  14. Your eyes are...
  15. Your nose is...
  16. Your arms are
  17. Your hair is
  18. Do you have...
  19. Does your face fit this proportion: ?
  20. (2)Does your face fit this proportion: ?

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Quiz topic: How attractive am I? (girls)