Are you a highly attractive girl?

NOTE: This is a quiz meant only for girls. If boys take it, they will have a hard time answering the questions. So, girls, don't you want to find out if you're TOO cute not to look at? Or if you're kinda pretty?... (Or if you're a far cry from attractive)...

So please enjoy this little quiz, This tiny test I've made. Find out if you're attractive Or if it isn't quite that way. Please comment on this quiz- and don't forget to rate!

Created by: thisismyquiz
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How much makeup do you wear?
  2. Your favorite outfit below is...
  3. Is your hair...
  4. And is it...
  5. Is your hairs length...
  6. How tall are you?
  7. Are you fat?
  8. Do you have long eyelashes?
  9. Eye color?
  10. What kinds of compliments do guys give you?
  11. What percentage of guys stare and/or whistle when they see you?
  12. How old are you?

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Quiz topic: Am I a highly attractive girl?