How brave are you?

there are heros, people that will step up if you really need them, and cowards. are you a brave person? you may think that. but i bet you are really a cowrard. take this quiz and prove me wrong. these are not just physical bravery questions,but mental ones too. so if you are a wimp, you may score highly on other questions. ;3)

so you big loser. if you dont score highly on this test, get off the computer you nerd! go ask that girl out you like! do what you want no matter what the cause! but good luck on the quiz! (and pick real anwsers.not the ones you would want to do)

Created by: mark
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  1. your future job will be....
  2. you see an old lady getting mugged,(purse getting stolen)which of the folowing do you do?
  3. there is a girl/boy you really like, which of the following would you do?
  4. you are in a band/play/ect.what is the amount of people you would like play in front of?
  5. you and your friends are talking about a new video game that everyone but you likes. which of the following would you do?
  6. your older sibling takes something of yours. what do u do?
  7. say you are in court and you know you are innocent, and the judge is making fun of you. which of the following would you do?
  8. say you have one cool friend and another is a loser and the cool friend says, why do u hang out with that geek! what do you do?
  9. you are going to a baseball game and the team your rootting for is away. You got the seat thats right in the middle of all the other home team fans. What would you do?
  10. do you think you will score highly on this quiz?
  11. did you like this quiz?
  12. do you think mark is cool?

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Quiz topic: How brave am I?