Am I A Attractive Person??

There are few people who are really attractive to everyone. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. An attractive persone is someone who has a good personallity and( in a matter of opinion) is cute and etc.

Are you attractive?? take this quiz and find out. After brag to your friends if you get a great score!! learn this answer in minutes!! this quiz is safe for all ages 10 and up!! enjoy!! ;)

Created by: Sharol
  1. Do you think your pretty or handsome ( depending if your a girl or boy)
  2. Have you ever been asked out?
  3. Have you ever cought a boy/girl checking you out?
  4. Do you currently have a crush?
  5. Do you curently have a girlfriend/boyfriend?
  6. Do you feel confident with your looks?
  7. Do people complament you when you do something special with your hair, clothes, etc.?
  8. Has someone ever admitted that they like you?
  9. Have you ever checked someone out?
  10. Do you think your a freak?
  11. Do you think your attractive?
  12. Has a hottie (in your opinion) told you your cute, hot, pretty, handsome, ect.?

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