How Attractive Are You?

How attractive are you? according to the average preferences of what is ideal or not, this quiz will guess how attractive you are. This might not be accurate.

This quiz is for fun, it's not supposed to be a mean quiz. This is just the media's standard for beauty, please do not get offended or anything. Thanks, enjoy the quiz.

Created by: ri
  1. How's your skin?
  2. How thick are your eyebrows?
  3. How thick is your hair?
  4. What is your skin tone?
  5. How are your cheekbones?
  6. How thick are your lips?
  7. What is your cup size?
  8. What is your body shape?
  9. What is your butt shape?
  10. Butt size?
  11. What is your stomach like?
  12. Your jawline/neck?

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Quiz topic: How Attractive am I?