How attractive am I ?

Everyone knows that beauty comes from within, but do you also have the beauty that is skin deep? Take this quiz to find out weather you do or don't, thanks xx

Are you the most attractive of them all? You could only wonder what it was like to be attractive until now. Take my quiz to see were you rank in all of it.

Created by: Milly_xx
  1. How healthy is your diet?(be truthful on all my questions plz, this means a more accurate answer.)
  2. How often do people compliment you on your looks?
  3. How is your complexion?
  4. How do you like to dress?
  5. How is your spare time spent?
  6. What does your name start with?
  7. What is your preferred eye makeup
  8. Ever been in one of these situations?
  9. Your favourite kind of perfume?
  10. My quiz is over!

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