Are You Cat-like?

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Do you think you are cat-like? Or want to prove your not... For some reason? Then please, take my quiz! :D This quiz tells you if you are cat-like, which means you act like cats!

If you like cats, I'd recommend you go ahead and continue, take the quiz! But if you aren't a cat lover... Eh, what are you trying to see here? Thanks for choosing my quiz, go on!

Created by: Dropping Petals

  1. Do you like cats? :)
  2. Are you independent most of the time?
  3. Before you make real friends with someone, do you need to adjust to them first?
  4. Are you super loyal to everyone you love? c:
  5. Do you like looking out the window wondering what's happening in life ever? :3
  6. Are you intelligent? :)
  7. Are you graceful?
  8. Do you support the statement: Cats rule, dogs drool! Or: Dogs rule, cats drool!
  9. Do you like being noisy or quiet for your normal being?
  10. Do you like collars and walks?
  11. Do you have hairballs (do you vomit a lot)?

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Quiz topic: Am I Cat-like?