what Do Cats REALLY Think Of You?

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This is a quiz to determine what most cats REALLY think of you. What they say behind your back. Of course, there WILL be exceptions. Shall I elaborate?

Lets say, literally EVERY. SINGLE. CAT. That you have EVER met hates you. BUT: you are lucky enough to be the owner of a super sweet calico kitten. She loves you. LIKE, A LOT!!! So that explains the exceptions. For the other part, I tell you my honest opinion of how much cats like you. Also, this quiz is basically RIGHT, so, yeah. Unless you lie your way through. The pictures are all my cats, by the way. Can you guess their names in the comments? I would love to see your guesses... Sometime I will tell you the truth. I'm sure you'll NEVER get the white one's name. Or the little gray one. Maybe the brown cat... Nut that's pretty unlikely.

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  1. When you see a cat, what is you FIRST IMPULSE?
  2. What do you feed your cat?
  3. Do you have a cat?
  4. Do you love cats?
  5. Have cats ever ruined anything you own?
  6. What does it mean when a cats pupils are huge?
  7. What is the most horrifying experience you have ever experienced? (cat related)
  8. What is a cat?
  9. Do you enjoy being around cats?
  10. Do you pet cats?

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