Would I date you?

Hi, I’m Sharktide. I love playing Minecraft and Roblox, I’m not that much into fashion, I’m nice and introverted, and I love chimken! Avocados from Mexico is my fav commercial

(It just gets stuck in your head) I love to read and cook. I love any animal (just not ants) and I really, really would like a pet! I’m allergic to cats, but not too allergic.

Created by: Sharktide
  1. Do you like video games?
  2. Would you help around the house, like cooking, cleaning, etc?
  3. What’s your personality?
  4. Do you go for…
  5. Would you want to have (ahem, imma sugarcoat this) huggy-kissy time?
  6. Do you touch people a lot?
  7. Do you like superheroes?
  8. Would you want a pet?
  9. Are you aggressive?
  10. Are you faithful?

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