How Introverted Are You?

Being introverted is liking to be by yourself and doing stuff by yourself. There are lots of people that like to be by themselves, but only a few that really love it.

How introverted are you? Do you like having company from other people or having your own company? In just a few short minutes, you can find out how introverted you are.

Created by: Sherbert211

  1. How do you prefer to socialize?
  2. Would you rather read a book (or do some other solo activity) or go to a social event?
  3. Are movies or novels more enjoyable?
  4. What's your idea of a perfect date?
  5. Do you like doing solo activities?
  6. When the teacher says that you can get into groups for the science project, would you work in a group?
  7. Where do you prefer sitting in a restaurant?
  8. How many friends do you have? (Real friends, no imaginary friends. . .)
  9. Do you work well in a messy environment?
  10. When the phone rings, how do you react?
  11. I would rather just sit back and watch the discussion rather than participate in the discussion.
  12. How do you best express yourself?
  13. Are you easy to get to know?
  14. Do you think before you speak?
  15. What do people see you as?
  16. Does it make you uncomfortable when people watch you?

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Quiz topic: How Introverted am I?