Are you capable to be in my future band?

I'm jack and I wanna be a heavy metal drummer when I get older. I really want to perform in a band more than anyone I know and I'm still dreaming for it.

The band I'm going to make In the future along with one or two my friends, our name will be (might be Unseen Shadows). We never got started playing as well as us lacking any equipment to make it possible. For this quiz, I wanna see if you are good enough to be in our band (in general)

Created by: MrMisterMaster
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like metal music?
  2. Can you play an instrument?
  3. What do you how to play?
  4. Have you ever seen or performed at a concert/talent show?
  5. I want a large number of members in our band so we look epic. You okay with that?
  6. I am willing to wear a mask or some sort of outfit when I perform. You okay with that as well?
  7. Not only I want play just plain metal, I want to spice our songs up a bit by adding in some of songs some symphonic music, tribal drumming, rap and maybe some industrial music. Wanna do that?
  8. What of metal will you be influenced by? (I might have the bands in the wrong genre but only mind the bands for now)
  9. A) Do you headbang to metal at home or in concerts? B) Can you headbang while you play?
  10. We are going to do crazy stage antics/ stunts like setting off party poppers while clenching them in our mouths and playing each other's instruments in certain songs. Yes or no?
  11. One last question cuz I ran out of other things to say. Do you wanna be a wholesome band that make mostly metal songs with some age appropriate songs?

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Quiz topic: Am I capable to be in my future band?