Do you know the Ramones?

There is but one true rock 'n' roll band....The Ramones. They should have been the biggest band on the planet but Hey Ho, they were the BEST if not the biggest .

So, are you a Brudda or a Pinhead? What do you know about New York's finest? I've started this quiz with some fairly easy questions, but I will be adding some tougher Ramones quizzes in the future. Do your best!

Created by: Alan
  1. How many members of The Ramones have there been?
  2. What was The Ramones last studio album called?
  3. Who designed the famous Eagle logo for the band?
  4. What was the name of the splinter band formed by Dee Dee, Marky and Dee Dee's wife Barbara?
  5. Where was It's Alive recorded?
  6. Where was Tommy Ramone born?
  7. Who produced the Pleasant Dreams album?
  8. Who was Elvis Ramone?
  9. Marky Ramone also played drums with which other seminal NY punk band?
  10. Name The Ramones biggest UK hit single?

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Quiz topic: Do I know the Ramones?