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  • Wow you are 100% capable of getting a girlfriend. Have fun! There is a required amount of characters I have to type but I have nothing left to say so....... yea....

    81%Pretty good chance

    19%Not capable

    19%Some chance 👌

    The Art of Love May 20 '17, 4:03PM
  • "86%"

    I mean a REAL girlfriend, not like my ex, who is bi and is now dating a girl, I mean like one that I need to actually try for and try to keep. lol I'm never getting married I'm like 5 feet in 9th grade...

    tony990 Jun 4 '16, 6:52PM
  • i got 75% im 31 and i been hit on by girls since i was six years old but i only got hit on
    by a total of just 6 girls starting age 6 then 12, 24, 27, 28 and 31

    rontaller Feb 28 '16, 4:56PM
  • 99% thats just how i roll sukers

    mesgavin03 Feb 10 '16, 10:06AM
  • Pretty good chance? Yea........ not gonna happen.

    the_loser Jan 10 '16, 7:03PM
  • Now that I think about it I could probably get a fat chick from okcupid if I was desperate.

    nogf4life Aug 23 '15, 3:17AM
  • I got a 98% chance . . .
    But what if I can't get the girl I WANT? Don't want to attract a girl I don't like

    The Blue Dude Jan 9 '15, 3:04PM
  • pretty good chance eh? doubt it. no girl ever checks me out and even if they do i am not interested

    gangsta Oct 3 '13, 12:09AM
  • pretty good chance. sheesh

    gangsta Oct 3 '13, 12:08AM
  • 100% chance (fist pump) yeah

    beowulf Sep 29 '13, 5:52PM
  • pretty good chance? pfft. More like -20% chance. Dragons Dogma and Dark Souls for me!

    invald1543 Jun 15 '12, 3:26AM
  • pretty good chance! good, i might get a girl i like to go out wit me!

    manlyman Jul 22 '10, 5:49PM
  • pretty good chance eh? yea thats kewl

    gh2008 May 5 '08, 6:25PM

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