Are you can be a detective?

"There are many people like detective. But only few can be a real detective. What is a secret to be a detective? A detective is who knows inside before open it."

"Are Y0U can be a detective? Do you have a strong logical power? Until now you could only wonder. But, this quiz is gonna help you. Just a few minutes, you will find out!"

Created by: Kaylee Andersen
  1. First, what do you rather be?
  2. Are you like detective?
  3. Do you ever solve a case?
  4. 0n Sunday morning, in the office, an employee found his boss die in his office. There is 5 suspect who can killed the boss. The boss name is Leo. 1. Leo's wife. She says "I don't know anything. I love my husband so much! When he is killed, I'm went to traditional market." 2. Leo's daughter, Sherry. When her father is die, she went to the mall with her friends. She is 11th years old. 3. Leo's son, Mike. He is 8th years old. He study in home for tomorrow hard test with the maid. 4. The maid, Maria. She is 28th years old. She accompanying Mike. 5. The driver, Jose. He is 30th years old. He has a big body with some muscles. He went to post office. Who is killed Leo?
  5. What's your favourite colour?
  6. What's alibi?
  7. Who write 'Sherlock Holmes'?
  8. What you gonna wear if you could be a detective?
  9. Although, I have to disappear from her heart, I have to_____________________.
  10. If we win today,_____
  11. If is a history, don't forget. Because the people who die only_____
  12. Okay, what's your status?
  13. See ya!

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Quiz topic: Am I can be a detective?