Are you boy crazy?

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Have you been wondering if your boy crazy? Are your friends bugging you about it? Trying to prove your not boy crazy? Well this quiz can help just click and your in!

You can prove to your friends your not boy crazy! Or you might be and have your mind blown! Scared to see if your boy crazy? Well if your brave try this quiz. You might be surprised at the results.

Created by: Sophie

  1. Have your friends ever asked you if your boy crazy? Like they ask a lot or joke about it.
  2. Do you talk about boys a lot around your friends and family?
  3. If you see a crowd of people half girls half boys who would you go up to first?
  4. Would you listen to your guy friend more then other people?
  5. Your going to a new place what is your first thought?
  6. What is your best guy friend’s eye color
  7. Do you talk to boys more then you talk to girls?
  8. Are you nervous to talk to a boy or are you comfortable with it?
  9. Do you think about how many boys like you often?
  10. Do you like to try to get people together?
  11. Last question) do you think most boys are cute (answer honestly)
  12. Tricked you! This is the last question) what are you thinking of right now!
  13. Got you again!! A few more questions! If I were to say the word handsome who comes to mind.
  14. Do you like when people tease you and your crush about being “boyfriend” and “girlfriend”?
  15. Do you think your boy crazy

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