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there are random and things like fat or pie or skinny or slender stuff but lets get to the point hello people i'm tac see you later and by the way peanuts are boring Laugh Out Loud XD

Are YOU a bored person? Do you get bored easilly because you need to be awesome for this so rat tat tat bomp bomp bomp lol so good luck :P..... :D almost ok done

Created by: powerpuff57

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  1. how many meals do you have a day?
  2. what sounds the best
  3. does anyone call you fat?
  4. do you think your fat?
  5. get off your bum and exercise
  6. question 8#?
  7. how long are you on the computer usally
  8. what shape is you body
  9. what is you face shape
  10. "š_í²_ /(__)\ __/\__ wat is this

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