Are you bi-curious?

Someone who is bi-curious has a sexual orientation, behavior, or self-identification, which is close to but not quite entirely heterosexual or homosexual. Normally used to refer to a person that has, in the past, had relationships or liaisons with someone of the Opposite Sex but who is Curious about being with someone of the Same Sex. This is known as "BI-CURIOUS"

Are you Bi-Curious? Have you have ever had thoughts about being with someone of the same sex, and never really knew what it meant. Take this quiz to find out just how Bi you REALLY are!

Created by: sabrina

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. When you first meet someone of the same sex you first notice their...
  2. When you and a same sex friend go out to the club what impression would those around you get?
  3. If you were dared to kiss someone of the same sex, you ...
  4. Your fantasies typically include
  5. When watching an intense sex scene on a cable tv program you...
  6. You're significant other introduces you to their ex, you
  7. How often do you have thoughts of the same sex in a sexual manner?
  8. How far have you gone with someone of the same sex?
  9. What's your favorite Color
  10. ORGASM (first thought)

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Quiz topic: Am I bi-curious?