Are you beautiful?

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Take this quiz to determine if you are beautiful or not. It won't take longer than 5 minutes and might change your whole day!

So are you beautiful? Do you have what it takes to be a model? Take this quiz and enjoy!

Created by: Grace
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  1. What shape is your face?
  2. What shape are your eyes?
  3. How big are your eyes?
  4. How long are your eyelashes?
  5. What do your lips look like?
  6. Do you currently have any skin flaws? (i.e. acne, eczema, birthmarks, scars)
  7. What color is your skin?
  8. What color is your hair?
  9. What is your weight?
  10. Do you wear make-up?
  11. How often do you take a shower/bathe?
  12. Have you ever been complimented on your beauty?
  13. Do YOU think that you are beautiful?
  14. Do you think that God loves you and thinks you are beautiful? (I mean absolutely no offense, to anyone of any religion or none at all!)

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Quiz topic: Am I beautiful?