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Everyone is beautiful inside and out . God created you therfore you are beautiful . Beautiful determines how attractive you are. I believe that everyone is a type of beauty in them , whether it is loving or caring

I believe everyone is beautiful. But try this quiz to find out what type of beauty you are. There are lots of types of beauty. Maybe you are one of them. Play this to find out.

Created by: China.J

  1. Do you think you are beautiful ?
  2. What kind of hair do you have ?
  3. What clothes do you wear ( some people judge you on your clothes)
  4. Do people tell you that you are beautiful ?
  5. Are you fed up of this quiz
  6. Does your mother dress you? (I won't tell )
  7. Do you wear lots of makeup ?
  8. What colour hair do you have ?
  9. What colour eyes do you have ?
  10. Will you rate or comment ( This is my first time I'm new )

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