Are you Babe Ruth?

Do you like baseball? I do. Actually, this quiz is about a player in particular. You guessed it right, it's about the one and only Babe Ruth! Babe Ruth is a baseball great and I want to see if you are like him. Good luck!

Are you really the Bambino(and yes, I do mean Babe Ruth)? Do you really play baseball so well? You are about to find out! Try your best and I hope you get a 100% on my quiz.

Created by: Anonymous329

  1. How many home runs have you hit (in your life)?
  2. What MLB teams do you want to play on?
  3. Do you look up to the Yankees?
  4. Who of the following do you like most (there is only one Babe Ruth that played baseball)?
  5. Are you small?
  6. Have you played in the MLB?
  7. Were you a pitcher and then a great hitter?
  8. Do you have Babe Ruth baseball cards(not reprints)?
  9. When you see Yankees stuff, what do you think about?
  10. What is your favorite time period for baseball?

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Quiz topic: Am I Babe Ruth?