Are You Awesome?

There are few awesome people. About 5% of the population is *pure* awesome. Are you in that 5%? Well, today is your day to find out. Hopefully you end up 100% awesome!

I don't doubt that you are not at all awesome, but those who are will be proud. In about 5 terrfiying minutes, and through the forest of Fifteenquestions, you will know if you are like me.

Created by: Berd

  1. Do you believe in unicorns?
  2. Katniss (Hunger Games series) or Bella (Twilight)?
  3. Would you ever use a narcissus bulb in cooking?
  4. Name 3 symptoms of Jersyshoreitis.
  5. If you had to puke up poison, what would you use?
  6. What are your hobbies?
  7. What is an airhead?
  8. Would you ever kick a small pony that's loud, fat, and likes to gnaw arms?
  9. Which one is most annoying?
  10. Would you ever make your own HGs?
  11. What are your grades?
  12. Favorite music genre?
  13. Favorite Girl Scout cookie?
  14. When I say Doctor, you think..
  15. Final: What is Snooki?

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Quiz topic: Am I Awesome?