Are you awesome??

This quiz is to test your awesomeness! We want to know if you make it so you can be on our website and receive all kinds of benefits! Go to!

So take it! Once you do you will be sent an authentic certificate of Awesomeness that you can show off to your friends! Go to so that you can recieve your certificate!!!

Created by: Lemi

  1. Do you like candy??
  2. Can you make a perfect star without lines in the middle??
  3. Do you think your great??
  4. Have you done something nice for someone??
  5. Are you popular??
  6. Do you know Tom Cruise??
  7. Whats 2+2??
  8. Have you ever had a pet??
  9. Can you make a Vulcan Salute??
  10. Why should you be an official awesome person??

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Quiz topic: Am I awesome??