Are you a fun person to be around?

Everyone is awesome, but it takes talent to be the awesomest of the awesome! What is Awesome, exactly? Oh, well it's an easy answer! You just have to have a bright or fun personality! Or be totally yourself! Creativity is key!!

Are you fun to be around??? Could you be TOTALLY AWESOME??? Or do you bore everyone who's ever around you?? Take my "Are you fun?" Quiz NOW to find out!!!

Created by: bekeenicole
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. would you rather:
  2. What is most likely your catch phrase?
  3. your favorite color is:
  4. Which describes you more:
  5. So far have you enjoyed this quiz?
  6. How many Secrets have you told, after you PROMISED you wouldn't:
  7. Are you more:
  8. Would you rather:
  9. what do you do most often:
  10. Where would you rather live?:
  11. Whats your hobby?:

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Quiz topic: Am I a fun person to be around?