Are you athletic

So, me and my cousin, aka Musclewerewolf, were talking and she got me to make this quiz. We are probably gonna get a bad reputation from this, but We might be the fittest kids in the county!

Also I will try to be a better person than Muscle on this site. I saw the werewolf debate......XP thank you guys for putting up with her! So get ready to take the quiz!

Created by: Teen_muscle

  1. First off, what's your body type?
  2. How bout height?
  3. Do you consider yourself athletic?
  4. Favourite pastime?
  5. Do you consider Emily Blunt fit?
  6. Please take Musclewerewolf's quizzes! (She's my cousin)
  7. Do you consider Dana Linn Bailey fit?
  8. Do you consider Jennifer Lawrence fit?
  9. How fast can you run?
  10. Are you good at push ups?
  11. Can you do a lot of sit ups?
  12. Can you do pull-ups

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Quiz topic: Am I athletic