Are you as unique as you think?

Hi! Everyone is different in their own special way. Its difficult to be an Average Joe and its hard to be a Diverse Unicorn! See just how different you are.

Even if you are not so different, you are still going to be special! Don't worry if people call you boring. It's not like they could ever live up to be as kind and nice as you, seeing as they are namecallers.

Created by: ChocoBikki
  1. What is your personality like?
  2. Which sounds like the best pet?
  3. Favorite TV show?
  4. Best tounge twister?
  5. Cheap or expensive?
  6. Only fate will tell
  7. Me and you are...
  8. Favorite food?
  9. This is the second last question. You hate me for making this quiz. Even I know that everyone is different. Ok.
  10. If you answered that I lied, this is really the last question.

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Quiz topic: Am I as unique as you think?